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                          DIN3972 Standard Module Involute Gear Hob Cutter

                          2021-10-13 08:36:20 jiangxingTools 714

                          DIN3972 Standard Module Gear Hob Cutter

                          for spur and helical gears to module pitch

                          20° pressure angle

                          basic profile Ⅱ to DIN3972 for finishing cut

                          quality grade A to DIN3968

                          single start right handed

                          with keyway

                          Chongqing Jiangxing Tools is manufacturng module gear hobbing tools in HSS M2, M35, M42, ASP 2052 & S390 material. Involute gear hobs for spur and helical gears in single start and multi-start threads can be supplied in Class A, AA & AAA accuracies conforming to DIN3968 standard with pitches ranging from 0.5 to 24 Module or equivalent DP in various pressure angles.


                          Hobs with special features like Pre-grinding, Pre-shaving,Topping, Semi Topping, Protuberance, etc. can also be provided as per customer's requirement.