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    Gear Hobs for Straight Splines

    2021-10-06 08:38:22 jiangxingTools 623

    Gear Hobs for Straight Splines

    1, Spline Data: 1),No. of splines; 2),Spline width; 3),Out side dia. ; 4),Root dia. ; 5),Form dia. ; 6),Amount of chamfer- for semitopping hobs; 7),Under-cut details, if required, 8),Shoulder details, if applicable; 9),Basic profile reference standard; 10),Materia? & its hardness at hobbing stage


    2, Hob Data: 1),Overall size; 2),OD x Length x Bore; 3),No. of starts; 4),Hand ofthreads; 5),Type of hob Finishing/ pre-grinding; 6),Type of profile- Semitop/nontop/ with lugs, with shoulder etc.; 7),Amount of grinding allowance wherever applicable

    Please contact us for more details on gear hob for straight splines.