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                          Hob specification criteria

                          2021-08-26 13:18:40 jiangxingTools 679

                          Hob specification criteria

                          Raw material for tooth: HSS, PM and Carbide

                          Structure-Solid Hob, Built-up Hob, Attached Tooth part.

                          The way of Formation and Conjunction-Arbor(Bore), Shank, Straight, Flute, Rake angle, Single Start Hand, Multi Start Hand

                          Items-Involute, Spline, Serration, Sprocket, Timing, Worm, Cycloid, Ratchet, Sign curve, Special Tooth Profile(Pump,etc)

                          Function and Use-Shaving or Grinding, Finishing Purpose, Pre-shaving, Protuberance, Semi-topping, Topping, BS tooth profile

                          The way of Manufacture-Grinding, Ungrinding