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    High Precision Module Gear Hobs

    2021-07-31 08:55:41 jiangxingTools 1200

    High Precision Module Gear Hobs

    As a professional manufacturer of HSS gear cutting tools,we are supplying a wide variety of gear hobs including: standard gear hob, involute spline hob, roller chain sprocket hob, timing pulley hob, parallel side spline hob, worm gear hob, and carbide hobs.

    gear hob.jpg

    Hob Sizes: Hobs are offered in a variety of sizes and diameters. Larger modules can be ordered on request. Mod. (D.P.) Range: m0.5-m24mm (50-1.5), Outside Diameter Range: 15-290mm (0.60-12”)

    Hob Material: Hobs are available in a wide selection of HSS M2, M35,PM High Speed Steels ASP2030, ASP2052, S290, S390,and MC90.


    Hob Coatings: our gear hobbing tools are coated with Oerlikon Balzers PVD coatings: TiN, FNT (Futura Nano Top) TiAlN, Alcrona Pro (AlCrN) and Altensa(AlCrNX),

    gear hobbing tools.jpg

    Please contact us for more information, if you have any questions on our gear hobs or service.