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    Carbide Hob

    2021-07-01 17:23:43 jiangxingTools 697

    Carbide Hob

    Solid carbide hobs can be manufactured in shell or shank design to cut gears with or without coolant, and are available in shell style with keyway or end drives, and various shank designs to fit most hobbing machines. Depending its fina use, three different solid type grade "K" , "P" and "G" material are offered to make these solid hobs, with different compositions.

    carbide hobs.png

    In order to broaden the hob range and satisfy the customer's needs, Jiangxing Tools has installed dedicated machines for solid carbide hobs up to Class "AAA" and can manufacture and supply the same ranging from 0.5 module to 3 modules. In certain applications solid carbide hobs are advantageous compared to PM steels hobs, and it is necessary to use carbide hobs when feed & speed is required on higher side 


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