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    Heavy Cutting Gear Hob

    2021-07-01 11:08:20 jiangxingTools 696

    Heavy Cutting Gear Hob

    1,Performance of heavy duty hob, 1),reduction of cycle time: faster cutting with more hob teeth, 2), reduction of hob wear: reduced hob teeth flank wear and overload beacuse of double hob cutting edge compared to a conventional hob, 3) more saving: increased productivity through increased too life.

    2,Use: most effective when cutting large module gears and gears with many teeth.

    3,Application range: modul 6 -module 32( A bigger module is more effective)

    dimensions of heavy cutting hob.png

    The above specificationfor the hob may be changed at the customer's request. and please contact us for more details on precision gear hob module.