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    Worm Wheel Hob

    2021-06-30 11:20:12 jiangxingTools 1736

    Worm Wheel Hob

    We are designing and manufacturing worm gear hobs in China, shank type worm wheel hob and bore type worm wheel hobs both can be supplied in machine relieved as well as ground relieved form. These gear hobs are part of specific tools that match the worm shaft with sharpening allowance. It is used for a component of speed reducers which are used in a wide variety of sectors. 

    worm wheel and shaft.png

    Our worm gear hobs are made from material HSS M2, M35, ASP2052, and S390 with the accuracy class A/AA as per DIN 3968 in various profiles.  These hob cutters are available in a variety of sizes and diameter, and precision worm gear hobs can be offered as per our client's request at shortest time.

    profile of worm shaft.png

    please contact us for more details of worm gear hob on our new website.