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    Disk Type Shaper Cutters with GB 6081

    2023-04-12 13:31:25 jiangxingTools 67

    Disk Type Shaper Cutters with GB 6081

    these shaper cutters are 20° PA, non-topping finishing cutters for spur gears.

    tooth profile can be made according to GB 6082, DIN 1829, JIS B 4356 and BS 5246.

    Module m1-m12, diametral pitch:  Dp2-1/4-4

    Disk Type Shaper Cutters GB 6081.png

    Gear shaping tools can be supplied with bore 31.743mm, 44.443mm, 88.9mm, and 101.6mm.

    HSS material of gear shaper cutters are M2, M2E, M35, M42, ASP2052, S390 and carbide.