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    PA20° DIN3972 Standard DP Gear Hob

    2022-05-19 09:25:49 jiangxingTools 441

    PA20° DIN3972 Standard DP Gear Hob

    Tooth profile is according to GB, DIN3972-2 standard

    Material is HSS M2, M35, S390

    Accuracy:class AA, A

    Module/Diametral Pitch DP3, DP3.5, DP4, DP4.5, DP5,DP6, DP7,DP7, DP8, DP9, DP10,DP11,DP12,DP1,DP16, DP18, DP20,DP22,DP24

    Hob bore:22mm, 27mm ,32mm

    Condition:gear hob for finishing, pre-shaving, pre-grinding