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                          High-Speed Steel E M35

                          2022-03-12 15:55:58 jiangxingTools 767

                          High Speed Steel E M35

                          EM35 contains cobalt for increased hot hardness. The composition of EM35 offers a good combination of toughness and hardness. EM35 has a good machinability

                          Chemical composition: C-0.93, Cr-4.2, Mo-5.0, W-6.4, Co-4.8, V-1.8

                          Standard: Europe: HS 6-5-2-5 , USA: AISI M35, Germany: 1.3243, Sweden: SS2723, France: AFNOR Z90WDKCV6., Japan: JIS SKH55, UK: BM35

                          The steel grade is a perfect substrate material for PVD coating. If nitriding is requested, a small diffusion zone is recommended but avoid compound and oxidized layers.