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                          Rack tooth gang cutters

                          2021-11-06 10:30:32 jiangxingTools 1131

                          Rack tooth gang cutters

                          Rack tooth gang cutters are used on the conventional horizontal milling machines as well as on the special automatic rack milling machines. Standardized constructional dimensions therefore do not exist. The above table is intended for guidance and should facilitate the selection of milling cutter overall dimensions. The cutter width depends on the module (m) and the number of tooth rows (n)

                          rack tooth gang cutters.png

                          Rack tooth gang cutters with several tooth rows for racks to module pitch

                          20° pressure angle, basic profile Ⅰ to Ⅱ DIN 3972

                          dimension of rack tooth gang cutters.png

                          To process your order correctly, we need in addition to the gear data the required number of tooth rows on the cutter.