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    Characteristics of Solid Carbide Hobs

    2021-11-02 15:22:07 jiangxingTools 1073

    Characteristics of Solid Carbide Hobs

    Carbide hobs permit cutting speeds into the high-speed cutting range, and significantly higher than those possible with high-speed steel hobs.

    dry cutting gear hob.jpg

    the development of suitably rated hobbing machines enables the advantages of carbide hobs to be exploited in practical use. the combination of high-speed cuting and dry maching presents substantial potential for rationalization.

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    Morden carbide gear hobs provide the following characteristics: 1), high cutting speeds, 2), short maching times, 3), long tool life, 4), high suitablity for dry maching, 5), lower gear production cost (according to the maching task).