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    Helical Gear Shaper Cutter

    2021-10-19 09:12:38 jiangxingTools 1255

    Helical Gear Shaper Cutter

    Helical guide is very important data for designing and producing module helical gear shaper cutters,

    helical guide for shaper cutter.png

    Jiangxing Tools is manufacturing helical gear shaper cutters according to customers specific requirements, These helical gear shaping tools can be produced with special profile features like chamfer and protuberance.etc, and are commonly used in automotive gear boxes to shapering helical gears, both single and double-helical gear shaping cutter form types can be ordered as your needing.

    bowl type helical gear shaper cutter.jpg

    helical type gear shaper cutter.jpg

    Please contact us for more details on hss helical type gear shaper cutters.