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  Health with knowledge. Your body has the power to heal itself from many diseases.

 Cancer, Colitis, Flu, Colds, Arthritis, Sinus & Allergy, Aids, Candida, Lose Weight, Skin eruptions, Immune system, Cure

Mulonru is here to help those in need.

There is hope for you, Illness does not have to be your friend. 

Many are learning the benfits of natural products receiving a healing experience. Start with Basic Health

Herbal food products don't heal, what actually happens is they supply natural food substances giving the body a self healing  chance. When the body has all the building blocks it needs your immune system is stronger and is more prone to take control of the illness at risk to your health. 

Alkaline people do not experience the diseases as low PH people. Alkaline food diet is the key to staying alkaline along with drinking alkaline water 

Chemicals and the Body
Our immune system  battles against chemicals in the body.
These same chemicals in lab test animals cause cancer, high blood pressure, digestive problems.
And a whole host of problems for the human body.
Most chemicals are approved by the FDA meeting there criteria for adverse side effects.

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